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Hope Centre, Ayensudu (Near Brenu Beach, Elmina), KEEA District, Central Region, Ghana, West Africa


The Ayensudu town is on the Accra to Takoradi Road. After Cape Coast, Elmina is the next large town (which is about 5 – 10 mins from Cape Coast). After Elmina, drive for about 3 -5 mins to Ayensudu Junction. Two to three minutes after Ayensudu Junction, look out for the “Hope Centre” signage on the right-hand side of the main road – follow the direction, and take the left turning as signposted. Hope Centre is on the left side of that road, a couple of minutes away.


P.O. Box UC 258 
Cape Coast
Ghana, West Africa

Tel: +233 243 458060 | +233 243 458102


C/o Trinity Baptist Church
5-9 Peall Road
Surrey CR0 3EX

Tel: +44 208 766 7732