Trinity Hope Centre is a charitable organization started by the Trinity Baptist Church, London and Accra, under the leadership of Rev.Kingsley Appiagyei and Pastor Cynthia Appiagyei in August, 2008. It is dedicated to providing a place of care and love for orphans, homeless, the abandoned, underprivileged and the lonely.

The centre was started in response to the overwhelming statistics on orphans and child poverty in Ghana as reported by the United Nations. Many of such children include babies of teenage mothers, babies abandoned in hospitals due to poverty or loss of parents from illness including HIV and AIDS.

Currently, the Centre has two homes housing three families on site, a chapel, a nursery and primary school and an administrative block, with a vast land set to expand in the near future. It house 17 children on site, but support over 250 children in the community, with support from Compassion International.

The vision of the Hope Centre is to provide quality education, family lives and homes for these children who, through no fault of theirs, find themselves in this situation.
“Our core mission at THC is to develop support programs that will restore hope to those marginalized and less privileged within our communities,”

The Centre works with communities to provide relief for the needs of children, such as nutrition, education, medical, emotional, and practical support to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.
It upholds strong Christian values, high quality education, pastoral care, discipline, building confident children and vibrant learning environment as it core values in bringing up the needy children.

At the Centre, five children are assigned a mother and father so that they grow with family values, adding that there is strict monitoring by social workers to ensure responsible parenting and proper child development.

The Centre also has a child sponsorship program in partnership with Compassion International, for the less privileged in the Ayensudo / Elmina/ Cape Coast area, a nursery and primary school open to all in the community, a clinic open to the entire community, and an IT and vocational training centre.

The Centre also has a nurturing program that supports children from the orphanage until they complete university.
It also has community support services, including support for teenage parents to further their education, and support for young widows to acquire skills to make them financially independent, while older widows are catered for periodically.


P.O. Box UC 258
Cape Coast
Ghana, West Africa

Tel: +233 243 458060 | +233 243 458102


C/o Trinity Baptist Church
5-9 Peall Road
Surrey CR0 3EX

Tel: +44 208 766 7732