About Trinity Hope Centre

Hope Centre, an initiative of Trinity Baptist Church, is a centre for orphans, the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in Ayensudu near Elmina in the Central Region in Ghana, West Africa. The project began in August 2008.
The vision of Hope Centre is to provide a home, family life, quality education and emotional and pastoral support for these children, who through no fault of theirs find themselves in difficult situations.

Life in the Home

There are 18 children currently living at the Centre. Each child lives with a mother and a father who provide them with care and a sense of belonging. Each child is trained with Christian and moral values, and will continue to be catered for, until they complete tertiary education or vocational skills training.

• Strong Christian and moral values
• High quality education
• Pastoral Care
• Discipline
• Building confident children
• Vibrant learning environment



Our core mission at the Hope Centre is to develop support programmes that will restore hope to those marginalised and less privileged within our communities. We work with communities to provide relief for the needs of children, such as nutrition, education, medical assistance, emotional and practical support, to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.